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Friday, March 23rd 2012

10:46 AM

A Natural Alternative Approach To Improving Your Eye-sight

A person's eyes don't just exist by themselves. They are like just a few pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, the eyes being a few pieces and the entire puzzle being your being as a whole exerting and acquiring a powerful influence on and from the mind and body.

All of the ingredients that constitute the visual system - your eyeballs, the lens, the retina, cornea, fovea and other parts of the eyes, the optic nerve that leads to the brain and the visual cortex; all function together and demand a great deal of reliability and control to function properly. Since it is such a delicate system it is quite easily thrown out of harmony and its performance impacted by seemingly unrelated issues like exhaustion and tension, regardless where it comes from. Nutrition also plays an important role, since your visual system depends on it for sustenance.

A holistic model of how to improve vision includes these three components:

1. Physical vision
2. Inner vision
3. Emotional eyesight

1. Physical eyesight goes beyond 20/20. For you to be able to interpret an image, 3 different skills are involved:

Your brain initially allows you to focus on one particular aspect of your entire field of view. (SKILL ONE: Peripheral Awareness and Central/Peripheral Balance)

Following this first step, your eyes carry out the process of visual focus, where you are able to see one particular object with precision and clarity. This second skill is that of Convergence

Next, your eye muscles either contract or relax to bring the object into visual focus. This skill is called accommodation

For the above steps to work correctly, all the eye muscles have to be flexible and relaxed.

The reason stress and tension play such an important role in your vision is that they prevent your eyes from achiving a clear focus. They also result in other difficulties.. These problems may involve: inability to quickly change focus form distance to near vision, nausea and headaches.

2. Inner vision has a multitude of different aspects: hopes, dreams, visualisation and memory. When you improve your inner vision, you will find yourself having a much more live and vivid imagination, with an improved ability to visualize things. By enhancing your mind you will find that your inner thoughts will generally become more productive. You will have the power to destroy all those negative images in your mind and replace them with powerful images that can change your perspective of who you are.

3. Emotional seeing speaks about our recognition of the eyes as both a way to express how we feel and a way to connect to other people. Improving your emotional vision is to truly open those 'windows to the soul', truly giving you the chance to communicate and relate to others in a special way.

In the short term, poor eyesight can result from eye strain and stress. In the long term on the other hand, it can result from learned detrimental visual habits. Nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism are some of the symptoms that result from this underlying tension and imbalance.

Eyeglasses can do a great job when it comes to replacing your ability to see clearly. They don't however, play any role in improving your eyesight by taking away the poor visual habits and stress & strain that caused your vision to fade in the first place. What happens instead is you end up going to your optician on a regular basis to get more powerful grades of glasses/contacts to accommodate for your worsening vision.

Since glasses are not the solution and surgery is expensive and unsafe, your best best, is to re-learn good visual habits and discover how to relax your eyes in a way that allows them to function as well as when you were a baby.

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